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Frequently Asked Questions


• If I order online do I need to return my order form to the school

No, once you’ve placed your order you can keep your order form.

• Why are the prices online different than the prices on the order form? 

The prices are the same after tax. They appear different because the tax is included in the prices on the paper order form but not included in the online prices. Online, the tax is calculated when you check out and the price ends up the same.


• Why can't I see my background options?

You must click on one of your poses and click the button on the bottom right, "Order Prints/Products". Then when you click on a package, the backgrounds will pop up.


• When will I receive my photos?

Roughly 3 weeks after your due date, as long as you ordered on time. Graduation photos and late orders take longer.


• Can I order past the due date?

Yes, you can order up to ONE YEAR past the due date, however, there is a $5 late charge and your order may take longer than usual to be processed.


• How do I get my printed packages?

Photo packages are sent to the school and are sent home with the students.

• Can my package go to a specific parent/guardian because they are at separate households? 

Yes. Just contact us by email and we'll make arrangements for the correct parent/guardian to receive them.


Do you have a family discount?

Yes, we do for families with more than two children. Your first two children's packages are at regular price and additional children's packages in the same family are $5 each. (Does not apply to group photos.)

How do I use the family discount?
You must use your paper order form for the discount. First place orders for two of your children (online or with the paper form), Then on the paper order form for the $5 package, simply write the names of the first two students you are paying full price for, select your pose and background enclose $5.


• How do I get my digital Image?

When you order a digital image online, you will receive an email with instructions to download it. If you ordered one Digital Image, Please click on the IMAGE FILE ITSELF, and not the zip file to download it. (We apologize as the zip folder only works for multiple images.)

• How do I get my file If I didn't order online?

We will email your file to the address provided once we process all the school orders.

• My digital image seems small. Isn't it supposed to be high res?

All files are optimized and compressed. The file size may be smaller than you might think, but it has been optimized to still print up to a beautiful 8x10! What was originally a 6 or 7 MB file, can be compressed down to 1 or 2 MB, and sometimes even less than 1 MB!

• I ordered retouching and digital images but I received my image not retouched. Why?

Because it was downloaded before we had a chance to retouch it. We will retouch it and email it to you when it is ready.

• I have specific retouching directions. Can I let you know?

Our retouching ALWAYS eliminates zits, blemishes, most stray hairs, whitens teeth and sometimes brightens eyes. We do our best to distinguish between what is a blemish and what is a natural freckle or spot on the face. If you have specific directions OTHER THAN THESE please email us to let us know.


• When is retake day?

Retakes are done roughly 4 weeks after the original photo day. Your school will let you know the date.


• How do I get a retake?

Sign your order form in the retake box and return it to the school. This way we’ll make sure your child gets photographed again.

• If I have not signed up for a retake, can my child still get one?

Yes, let the school office know and they will let us know! We don't want to miss anyone or turn anyone away who wants a retake.

• If I got a retake can I still order from the original photos?

Yes, however you will have to contact us so we can put the original photos back into our system.

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