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My name is Matthew McFarlane. I live in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley with my wife and two kids. Bluenose Photography is the result of my work in the school photography industry for over 20 years. During my times as a photographer, manager and computer technician, I have heard from parents again and again that school photos need to be better. People are tired of the same old thing. Ordering needs to be simpler with better online options, backgrounds need to be more modern, poses need to be better, and the list goes on. I listened.


Today I am pumped to offer a better and more modern system for school photography. Schools no longer need to settle for the same old thing year after year! When you choose Bluenose Photography, you will have peace of mind that your photographer strives to provide the best possible product and customer experience out there. I take great pride in supporting Nova Scotia families and schools.


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